About Us

Residential Renovations ltd is a small building company based in Peacehaven situated on the outskirts of Brighton.

The director, Andrew Gregory, has been building and renovating in Brighton and surrounding areas for well over twenty-five years with a long running family history in the building trade. He started off as a plumber working alongside his father for many years expanding into the building arena prior to his father's retirement and has carried on producing the high standards he had come accustomed to delivering regardless of how big or small the clients requirements are.

Andrew's grandfather was a painter back when mixing your own paint was still part of the job.

Throughout the years Andrew has built strong relations with many of his former clients before forming Residential Renovations. The quality of work and approachable professionalism can be seen through the number of recommendations by friends, family and their returning custom time and time again. This has led to many properties in close proximity of each other being done alongside one another helped by the small yet highlu skilled team he runs.

Working most of his life in the local area has provided him with an extensive knowledge of the types of houses and their building requirements.

The team pride themselves on providing the best customer experience, aspiring to always provide excellent customer service.

The team consists of both men and women made up of a variety of trades; each is highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in their chosen fields with the same professional high quality work and friendly attitude the company is renowned for.